Perfumes And Their Side Effects

Perfumes And Their Side Effects

We never leave the house without putting on our favourite perfume or cologne, but are we endangering our health by applying perfume directly on to our skin?

Perfumes and colognes are commonly made of artificial chemicals such as ethanol, acetaldehyde, benzaldehyde, benzyl acetate, acetone, benzyl alcohol and many more. Fragrances can be made by mixing dozens or even hundreds of different chemicals which are not necessarily listed on the labels of perfumes and colognes you use. These chemicals can have different side effects on different people depending on their sensitivity level.

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Sever rashes, swelling and redness of the skin, breast cancers when spraying perfumes and deodorants in the underarm areas, chronic headaches and asthma are to name a few of these side effects. Perfumes can also have a negative effect on the liver detoxification. Whilst some of these health problems are caused by inhaling fragrances, majority and most serious side effects are related to applying perfumes and colognes directly to the skin.

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But fragrance is addictive and we all want to smell our best at all times. There is a simple way to avoid or minimise the adverse health effect of perfumes and colognes: by not applying them directly on to our skin! Simply apply your perfume or even your essential oils to your jewellery. By doing so, not only you are avoiding rubbing unknown and most likely dangerous chemicals on to your skin, but also you are making a statement piece of jewelry just for yourself.

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Vanacci’s unisex range of jewellery has brought this concept to life by designing beautiful necklaces and bracelets that absorb fragrances and release a subtle scent throughout a day, not too strong to harm the lungs and sinuses and not too mellow and unnoticeable. Did I mention that they are equally stunning on both men and women?

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Vanacci Unisex Jewelry

If you are an aromatherapy enthusiast and like to have your essential oils on you everywhere you go, then diffuser necklaces, bracelets and earrings designed by Tinlizzie Apothecary are definitely for you. Instead of rolling your essential oils directly on to your skin as commercially advertised by big brands, put one or two drops on the beautifully crafted wooden beads of these jewellery and you are set for the day.

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Tinlizzie Essential oil Diffuser Jewelry

Have you found yourself allergic to perfumes and colognes? Tell us all about it in the comment section below.

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