No More Boring Valentine's Gifts Please!

No More Boring Valentine's Gifts Please!
Let's be honest! You must have been someone's Valentine quite a few times, right? (Before you met your 'the only and always to be Valentine' of course!). Could you count the times that you gave or received a memorable non-boring gift? 
Valentine's Day Gift tittup
Yeah, yeah, before accusing me of being materialistic I admit that the idea behind Valentine's Day is certainly not about the gifts...BUT, don't you think that you or your Valentine deserves more effort? Don't you think that overplayed chocolates, balloons, roses and teddy bears have become way too easy options; the last minute buy; a something for not being empty-handed; BORING? 
Valentine's Day Gift non boring tittup ideas
Photo by Michelle Phillips on Unsplash
Honestly, if I'm someone's Valentine for more than one year, I would expect to see more effort. I would want him or her (yoohoo to legalised same-sex marriage in Australia by the way) to wow me. To show me that he really cared. It doesn't matter how expensive or cheap the gift is. In fact, the gift, or better to say the surprise, doesn't need to be expensive at all. something thoughtful and unique will do the trick. After all, who needs the ridiculously expensive Valentine Roses which usually die the next day!
Here is the list of some non-boring Valentine gifts that you can find under trendoz's roof: 

1- Gender-Less Fragrance Infused Jewellery  

Genderless jewellery is fаѕt becoming a popular gifting trend. Something for him, her and them that can conveniently be shared. Chооѕе оnе from our Vanacci's collection for that ѕресiаl person in your life - your wife, husband, fiancée or fiancé, mother, father, ѕiѕtеr or brother. If thеу are yet to lеаrn about fragrant реndаntѕ or other tуреѕ of реrfumеd jеwеlrу, imаginе hоw delightfully surprised they will bе. 
Valentine's Gift pendant necklace for him her Vanacci tittup
 Photo features Lockstone One Steel Pendant & Black Stone $48.85 AUD
Valentine's gift ideas for her him necklace bracelet jewellery Vanacci tittup
Photo features Lockstone Geo Bolt-Stone Pendant  $64.85 AUD
Valentine's day gift for him her bracelet gemstone perfume fragrance vanacci tittup
Photo features Lockstone Solaris IO Gemstone Bracelet  $79.30 AUD

Valentine gift idea him her necklace fragrance perfume gold vanacci tittup

2- Arоmаthеrару Enthuѕiаѕt'ѕ Jewellery  

Although there is no diffuser jewellery for men added to trendoz's collection yet, the perfect combination оf art, ѕtуlе, and ѕсеnt the Tin Lizzie's collection has to offer will make a sparkle in your women's eye. Trust us, we've been there! 

Valentine's gift for her aromatherapy essential oils necklace bracelet diffuser tittup

Photo features Wood, Druzy Pyrite & Gemstone Pendant on Gold Chain  $54.95 AUD


Wood and Gemstone Bar Bracelet on Silver Chain $29.95 AUD

3- Eye Catching Aromatherapy Diffuser To Be Adored For Years To Come

A home decor lover with a passion for scent, meditation and aromatherapy will thank you for this useful gift. A gift that will silently contribute towards everyone's health in the family. Don't forget to add that extra touch to your gift by getting one of Tin Lizzies fabulous handmade essential oils. 

Valentine's gift home decor aromatherapy essential oil diffuser pilgrim tittup

Photo features Zoè - Advanced Aromatherapy Diffuser with Oak Wood $169.00 AUD

 Try something different this Valentine's Day and create a long lasting memory out of it for yourself and your Valentine!

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