The Power of Smell

The Power of Smell

There are a number of people who vouch for the value of aromatherapy treatment. It seems hard to believe that a smell can be so powerful, and this is because the smell is something we really take for granted. But think about it this way. When you have a bad head cold, tucking into a pizza or a nice, freshly baked cinnamon pastry can be like eating a piece of plain bread. Why? Because you can’t smell anything! Enjoying a good meal is as much about the smell as it is about the taste.

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Smells can also work as powerful triggers. The scent of your late grandmother’s perfume can be so overwhelming that it can reduce you to tears. In many cases, a smell can bring back memories that we thought we had forgotten. And you have probably had the experience of smelling something so bad that it almost made you sick. It's clear that our sense of smell is incredibly powerful. This is why aromatherapy is such a powerful form of rejuvenation and healing.

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As with all aromatherapy products from TrendOZ, make sure that only natural oils are used in your aromatherapy beads and diffusers. Chemical based oils will most likely have an adverse effect on you and some may even cause nausea, headache and skin irritation. Using natural essential oils from TrendOZ will ensure that you can get the most out of your beads and diffuser.

What is your signature scent? How do you maintain the fragrance of your home? Do you prefer candles or diffusers? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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