Our Story

We are a small group of Australians with different and amazing ethnic backgrounds and BIG ideas. Having the opportunity to live in various parts of the world from the Middle East to Europe to the United States, we've got eyes for uniqueness and rarity.  

We are all obsessed with the online shopping and all the glamour and comfort it has to offer. However, we only specialise in curating the newest, most unique and creative products with the highest quality for Australian shoppers. At TrendOZ, we hate to be left out and miss on all the cool products that everybody else around the world gets to enjoy. We are sure you do too! Did you know that it takes approximately 12 months for all the new and trending technologies and products to even get introduced into the Australian market? We know, in the age of technology and social media it is crazy! isn't it. That's why we work our hearts out to find these awesome products for you and to make sure that Australians too have easy access to all the latest and coolest items at affordable prices. The products that we curate are exclusive to TrendOZ and can not be found anywhere else in Australia. 

We strongly believe in being honest with our customers. That is why we only give away GENUINE discounts. We DO NOT boost our prices in order to provide insanely huge discounts to deceive our fans. 

We love to hear from our customers. So please share your views, opinions and reviews with us by either using #trendozau on social media or contacting us directly. Who knows! you may get rewarded just for socialising with us!

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You can also find our top and trending products on Ebay and Etsy. Just search "trendoz". 

If you like what we are doing, please do not keep it to yourself. spread the word and let your family and friends be part of our journey too.