Mother's Day Gift Guide With Love

Mother's Day Gift Guide With Love

The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world

No one could have described the role of a mother better than William Ross Wallace. Least you can do is to make the mother's day a very special one for her. No need to freak out and don't overthink it. It is easier than you think. You just want to find her something with a sentimental spin and this year we have made sure of finding just the right gift for you. 

Treat your mom to one of our unique Mother's Day gift ideas this year and watch her when she opens the present with awe. 

1- Jewelry Meets Perfume

Does she have all the perfumes she loves and a new one does not excite her anymore? Imagine how delightfully surprised she will be to learn about a nicely designed jewelry that absorbs her favourite fragrance and makes it last way longer than it would on her skin. Besides, you can never go wrong with Gold, Rose Gold or Lapis Lazuli ;)



2- Jewelry Meets Aromatherapy 

She always took care of your health, it is time for you to return the favour. Introduce her to the world of aromatherapy and essential oils, amazing scents and their magical benefits by giving her a beautifully handmade aroma diffuser jewelry.  

mothers day aromatherapy gift idea tin lizzie trendoz

3- Beauty Meets Technology

Or better yet, hit two birds with one stone and add an elegance and personal touch to her homely home while secretly taking care of her wellbeing with the beautiful and most advanced aroma diffuser, Zoe. 

mothers day aroma diffuser gift pilgrim trendoz

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