3 Easy Ways To Make Your Scent Last All Day - Guaranteed

3 Easy Ways To Make Your Scent Last All Day - Guaranteed


We all want to smell our best throughout the day. That is why we spend a ridiculous amount of money on different types of perfumes and fragrances from cheap ones sold in Chemist Warehouse to the most expensive ones sold in Mayer and David Jones. If you are anything like me you have probably made a list of all the different fragrance families from woody and chypre scents to more subtle citrusy scents and tried them all. Well, the best among them all only lasted 3-4 hours maximum and I totally gave up until recently when years of trial and error finally paid off and I figured it out.

Here are my 3 most effective ways to increase longevity and sillage of your favourite fragrance, so your dream of ‘leaving behind a scented trail when you walk out of the room’ comes true:
  1. Clean And Moisturise Your Skin Very Well And On Daily Basis

    It is no mystery to us that our body has layers over layers of dead skin cells plus all the dirt it picks up throughout the day.  If you want your fragrance to stay longer on your body it is crucial to apply it on a well-scrubbed skin with no leftover dead skin cells. Also, you should know what type of skin you have. Dry skins need to be moisturised to allow the fragrance to mix with body chemistry whereas oily skins do not need much moisturising. Remember to spray your fragrance first before applying your preferably unscented moisturiser.


    Do Not Underestimate The Power Of Your Hair

      Did you know that your hair carries perfume really well? Well, I did not until recently when one of my colleague at work told me…duh….Anyway, you have a great tool just on top of your head, use it. Spray some of your fragrance onto your hairbrush, then brush your hair. It works magic.


      Save Yourself The Trouble And Use Fragrance Jewellery

      Photo features One Copper Pendant $64.85 AUD

        Recently I came across a set of jewellery that has saved me from all the hassles of where to store my perfumes, how to spray the fragrance, whether to rub or not to rub the fragrance into my skin blah blah blah. Vanacci Lockstone Fragrance Infused Necklaces and Bracelets. The ‘lockstone' material of the pendants or bracelets captures the scent of your sprayed fragrance and make it last up to 7 times longer than it would on your skin alone. At first, I was a bit sceptical about it as the idea was too good to be true. But I decided to give it a go and voilà…problem solved. It actually does what it promises. Now I do not need to scrub my skin until it is burning red. It also helps you to avoid all the possible side effects of using perfumes on your skin.  

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        • The package arrived today and I was so excited about the Vanacci Lockstone Bracelet it really works amazing

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