Agate - The Stone of Protection and Strength

Agate - The Stone of Protection and Strength
Agate stones that are primarily classified as Volcanic stones were first discovered by a Greek Philosopher who stumbled upon them alongside the ‘Achates’ river in Sicily (now known as Dirillo) around 4th century BC.
Agate stones are one of the oldest stones discovered and have been used for various purposes throughout history. Due to its therapeutic properties, it was used as a medicine originally by ancient Greek and Egyptians.
Superstition has it that Agate stone can protect you from nightmares, stress and anxiety. Agate stones were used by ancient Babylonian as valued talismans and healing amulets to provide protection against disastrous events such as destructive lightning and storms. They believed that these stones give you power and determination to pass any bump you face in life and helps you to carry on through tough times, protecting you from black magic and evil forces.
agate stone gemstone tittup jewelry
Legend says that Agate stone helps you to remain calm and stay focused with its Chakra healing powers. Place it on your heart and you will have more acceptance towards love. My Grandma used to say that these stones have healing abilities and can heal stomach illness as well as fever.
Agate has the power in balancing positive and negative forces of the universe (i.e. Yin and Yang). Agate improves your memory and your analytical abilities to make the best decisions on the spot. That is how it increases your self-esteem and confidence.  
Agate encourages you to be your true self and stop worrying about what everybody else thinks of you. It also encourages you to spread the love and overcome any anger that is hidden within you. Agate releases you from the negative forces that have captured you or surrounded you and offers you inner peace and security.  
These beautiful stones are known for their vibrant and strong colours. Agate stone, born at the beginning of the Solar System and found in volcanic rock, this naturally occurring stone come in a variety of forms among which are the followings:
1-Blue Lace: Gives the courage to tackle any situation and overcome each and every hill. It is a stone of encouragement and support.
Blue lace agate gemstone Solaris bracelet tittup
2-Crazy Lace: Brings joy and happiness and fill you with positive energy, optimism and calmness.
Crazy Lace Agate gemstone stone Solaris bracelet tittup
3- Dendritic: Brings prosperity and plenitude to your life and business.
Dendritic Agate stone gemstone Solaris Bracelet tittup
4-Fire: Brings out the fire and passion in you to never stop and surrender. It brings out the fighter in you and helps you keep calm in toughest time.
Fire Agate stone gemstone Solaris bracelet tittup
5-Laguna: Improves your self-esteem and make you a better partner in bed. It provides you peace of mind and composure and enhances your analytical abilities.
Laguna Agate stone gemstone crystal Solaris bracelet tittup
6-Moss: Provide protections against disastrous events and black magic and helps you to come out victorious from every battle you face in life.
Moss Agate stone gemstone crystal Solaris bracelet tittup
7- Black Agate: Provide balance between positive and negative forces of the universe and releases you from the negative forces that have captured you or surrounded you and offers you inner peace and security. 
Black Agate gemstone stone Solaris Lockstone Bracelet tittup
Whether you believe in all that or not, the mesmerising beauty of these stones is undeniable.  Have them close to you every day and enjoy whatever they have to offer, even if it is only their magnificent beauty.
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